Matrix Reloaded Revolutions

THE APU - Armoured Personnel Unit
Height: 4m
Weight : 3 Tonnes
880 Parts
259 Individual Patterns
144 Fabricated metal assemblies
127 Cast Aluminium components
114 Internal frame assemblies
85 Fibreglass moulds
46 Silicon moulds

Q Branch modelmaking crew Adam Grace, Andrew Hardingham, Cal Foote and Rowan Wademan worked on the construction of the APU prop for Matrix 2 Productions Pty Ltd at Fox Studios Australia in 2001 and 2002.

Adam Grace was the APU Foreman, and Martin Crowther was the APU Engineering Foreman. The Art Director was Jules Cook and the APU Supervisor was Peter Wyborn.

There was a large and highly skilled crew involved in the construction of this massive machine, and the crew list as well as articles on the APU's construction (written by Adam Grace) can be found here.

The APU was designed by Geof Darrow, Grant Neisner, and Sergei Chadiloff.


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