Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Broadcast

SOBO - Sydney Olympic Broadcast Organisation provided most of the television footage that the worldwide audience viewed to clients such as the Seven Network Australia and NBC.

Andrew took this photo of Cathy Freeman just after she won her 400m event, using a 35mm film camera.
Alex and George operate a TV camera at the Velodrome. Vision is fed back to the broadcast van (OB7 below) via the red Triax cable.
In the television broadcast van, Camera Control Unit operators adjust the pictures coming from the many cameras in the velodrome to ensure that they are all exposed correctly, and that the colours are true and the same for each camera.
Andrew operated CCU for a camera which was on top of the Hyundai building in North Sydney. This camera provided the soul coverage as the competitors in the marathon ran across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Helicopter footage could not be relied upon because the metal bridge structure interferes with the microwave transmissions systems which TV helicopters use.