Stealth - Feature Film

For Sony Pictures

Starring Jamie Fox, Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas

A full scale replica of a Stealth plane was manufactured in Australia, and transported to the Naval Air Station on Coronado, San Diego USA, where it was placed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln for filming.

Director Rob Cohen with starlett Jessica Biel on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln
Every control panel in the Talon Cockpit illuminated, and had interactive features such as animated digital fuel, temperature and pressure displays.
Andrew takes the controls.
Panels were designed to be quickly removeable, with all their electronics attached to the front panel, in a similar way to real avionics equipment.
Head of Construction, Marcus Smith prepares the plane for transfer to the aircraft carrier.
Talon 1 prepares for catapult launch
Q Branch's talon electronics were designed to withstand the toughest of conditions: fire-hose-generated rain FX.
Talon 1 on approach
Andrew designed and constructed the electronic machine-gunfire-simulators which were mounted in the pods which were attached to the Russian-made MIL-8 helicopter. All parts had to be examined and approved by aeronautical engineers at Bankstown airport.